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Our products

Our products

HDP Bolts/ Nuts/ Thread Rods/Foundation Bolts

Welcom to QL

We(QL) are one of the leaders Fastener manufacturers in China, and mainly deal in hot dipped galvanized bolts such as Hex bolts from M10 to M72 with excellent quality and lowest price.We have several lines to produce bolts, nuts, screws, washers and related customized products. We concentrate more than 20 years on the fastener field. Our products have found various applications in different industrial requirements. Especially in electrical power towers, we as suppliers of high strength bolts are proud of getting the certification of State Grid Corporation of China. We have cooperation with China Mobile in the transmission line tower.  We highly welcome any OEM projects in order to better meet your needs in different markets, and we are attentive to your special requirements. Our workers are all experienced and professional. They work hard and detail oriented. We’re focused on meeting the changing needs of dynamic companies in the world.


To satisfy our customers' requirements today and tomorrow by creating and securing profitable business through challenging opportunities for our employees; and continue its strategy of Honest Business to broaden market home and abroad, and to establish stable cooperation with all customers to realize mutual benefits becoming the preferred partner of our customers.

Quality Assurance

We are an ISO 9001 registered company. ISO 9001 is an international quality assurance system, which gives customers the security that they can count on consistent quality and service. We utilize a team approach to continually improve our quality policies, procedures, and techniques necessary to meet or exceed our customer expectations. With QL fasteners, you can rest assured that you are receiving products and services of the highest quality and at competitive pricing

Customer Service

We use a hands-on approach to meeting our customers' needs and expectations. We continually strive to provide quality products, on time, and at a competitive price. We invite you to contact a sales representative at 86- with your product questions.




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